Your First Appointment

 Patient smiles as she discusses with the nurse sitting beside her.

Your First Appointment

If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with cancer, take heart in knowing that you do not have to face it alone. We encourage you to reach out to us to schedule an appointment.

Our team is here to support you, answer your questions and helping you develop a treatment plan that's right for you.

Shirley Munoz smiling by a window
When I had my first appointment with Dr. [Erminia] Massarelli, I knew I was in good hands with her. The first thing she said was there is hope for me.
Shirley Munoz
Stage 4 lung cancer patient

City of Hope Network Locations

City of Hope’s growing national system includes its Duarte main campus, a network of clinical care locations across Southern California and a cancer center in Orange County, California, and treatment facilities in Atlanta, Chicago and Phoenix.

We Are Here to Support You Every Step of the Way

Our top-quality care comes from working with the most qualified physicians and surgeons. Please call us today to schedule a consultation.

The Importance of Getting a Second Opinion

In our 100+ years of experience treating life-threatening illnesses, we’ve discovered that with almost any illness, there are options. Options like different methods of diagnosis or alternative treatments that might be available for the same diagnosis. Being newly diagnosed is a critical stage in any disease. Make sure you gather all the professional advice available.

Doctor treating a patient

Your First Visit

If you haven’t been to City of Hope before, you probably have a few questions. Being well-informed will ensure that you have the knowledge needed to join your care team in making critical decisions.

A welcome and orientation video to guide you through all the important patient and family resources at City of Hope's main campus in Duarte, California


We recognize that each patient’s medical situation and insurance plan are different. Although there is no guarantee of coverage, you should ask your health insurance company to review your request with City of Hope.


Good communication improves the quality of care that you receive. Read our list of questions patients frequently ask their care team.


A general FAQ about all things City of Hope and the services we provide. Read this to get a better understanding of how our services work and the quality care you can expect from us.

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Our dedicated care teams are ready to support you.